Liberal Studies Week and other Activities

-Computer AI are so powerful to imitate every tradition painting technique. Is it worth teaching children how to make artworks in traditional ways?

-Do you think someday robots equipped with artificial intelligence can replace real teachers, as knowledge now can be easily found in the Internet and Wikipedia?

-Suggest a historical figure who you think was successful. Explain the reason why he or she could succeed.

The above are some open-ended questions raised in the Quiz Competition during the Liberal Studies week on December 2019. It was a challenge to the participants. It was like secondary students trying to handle topics at university level.

We are so pleased to see how our participants seriously prepared for the quiz and had reference to a diverse range of materials. Even form one students were brave, calm and confident enough to answer the open-ended questions in front of the whole school. The answers are generally well equipped with examples, thus convincing.

Other activities of Liberal Studies Week included two teacher-students debates. We have discovered some new talents. Furthermore, we have invited an NGO to conduct an insightful seminar on the issue of plastic marine pollution, hoping it can raise students’ awareness and lead to actions.

Activities apart from Liberal Studies Week were equally meaningful. One of them is the visit to the exhibition ‘See the world with a hundred objects’. It was a great opportunity to understand achievements of various civilizations.









Each team in the Quiz Competition composes of junior and senior students. 時事常識問答比賽中,每組都有高低年級的同學。

Brave junior student delivering his elaborated answer in front of the whole school.



Our teachers were having fun though the work as judges was busy.


Our F2 students visited the exhibition ‘See the world with 100 objects’, which exhibits previous gems in the British Museum. It was a golden opportunity to understand mankind’s achievements.