We have invited Mr. Vivek Mabubani, a renowned comedian, to bring us laughter. He was so generous to share a lot of opinions and experiences with us.

It was a great and hilarious opportunity to invite the funniest comedian in Hong Kong, Mr. Vivek Mabubani, to give us a show in the Hall and share with us afterwards.



We were honoured to have invited Mr. Pong Yat Ming to be our guest to share his ideals with us. He has truly inspired us how to be a fair customer, and to be thoughtful of the disadvantaged in society when we spend a dollar.

Mr. Pong Yat Ming was invited during Liberal Studies Week to give us insights in alleviating severe poverty and income disparity.


A seafaring journey hosted by Plastic Free Seas helped our students to understand Marine ecology and pollution in Hong Kong. It is a very meaningful experience in mother nature.

To encourage students’ participation in community so as to cultivate understanding of the society and sense of belonging, which is one of our major concerns this school year, we have organized a number of outings for students to experience various aspects of our society. The activities include two boat trips organized by an NGO called Plastic Free Seas, which is a dedicated promoter of using less plastic products and packaging.

Altogether around 40 students have been benefited from the precious but uneasy experience of picking up plastic rubbish from a beach in Lamma Island as well as the amazing class about planktons and plastic pollution in the middle of the sea. We have realized the ideals of learning outside the classroom.

Captions for photos on the right:

Lessons on the deck is an unforgettable experience.

Learning how to put on a life jacket.

EWWW, this is beyond imagination. We are the ones to create so much trash for the biosphere to handle.

IMPRESSIVEStudent Reflection on the Trip to Sai Kung by Supriya 4D

We have longed for it. Though the weather wasn’t fine on that day – It was rainy and windy, but we were still extremely excited, thinking of the deep blue sea and the breeze.

So here we went! After some time of travelling on a coach we arrived at Sai Kung Pier, and a big, beautiful boat was waiting. It was such a good one, with lots of facilities, that makes us feel like being the oil tycoon sailing a luxury boat across the sea.

Sai Kung, as the backyard of this busy city, was surprisingly beautiful. The sea is encircled by an archipelago of islands, and the islands are embraced by the sea. Waves were rough, and Southeast of us is the Pacific Ocean with no limits in sight. It was our first time in life to be on such a boat!

What impressed me a lot was the fishermen’s demonstration. With simple tools and nets, they managed to catch eels and crabs. We have also visited a fish farm to learn how fisherman nurtures Garoupas. The price can be as high as 8 thousand dollars. However, the most incredible thing was that the fishermen, aged more than 60, are still flexible and physically able to jump and toil.

The rain didn’t stop, so did our excitement. After visiting the fishermen and a Temple of Tin Hau, we headed to Geopark, where we can see thousands of hexagon rock pillars. Actually this area is a caldera of Volcanic rocks formed million of years ago. We were amazed to know that in Hong Kong we have such sea cliffs, sea caves, arches and a waterfall which plunges into the sea!

So I stood at the front of the boat with my friends, gazed at the sea and the sky, and let the wind blew my face as long as possible. My mind stops thinking. All my worries and trivial in life were swept away. My spirit feels like being a bird spreading its wings!

I would really like to thank our teachers for organizing such a wonderful event and that was really IMPRESSIVE.

學生身在北帝廟,心繫學習,正一絲不苟的記下資料,了解長州古跡保育的現狀。 (攝於2019年4月17日)

We were in the Pak Tai Temple, jotting down the details of a fabulous historical heritage to learn about heritage preservation.

(Taken on F5 field trip at Cheung Chau Island, 17 April 2019)

Students were seriously reporting on their field trip findings. We were investigating and observing the degree of food globalization of various eateries in Cheung Chau Island.

(Taken on F5 field trip at Cheung Chau Island, 27 Nov 2018)



Learning about climate change


F5 students have attended an interactive workshop at Oxfam Educational Centre to understand what Republic of Vanuatu is facing due to Global warming and climatic changes.