Newsletter 18-19

Liberal Studies Week

Teachers and students had fun with academics together

The major aim of the subject week is to organize various activities to raise students’ interest.

On 23rd November 2018, some 20 students, with our guidance, went to Oxfam Interactive Education Centre for an activity called ‘Food for thoughts’. The theme was about understanding how people under poverty in Hong Kong may buy food with their limited income from the wet market. We hope students won’t take wealth for granted.

As for the Quiz Competition on 22nd November, it was definitely the highlight of the week. Even F1 students were brave enough to answer the open-ended questions on stage. The Open-ended Question session involves philosophical questions touching on domains of social sciences. Students were required to spend a whole week to prepare answers for all the questions. This student-centre and liberal way of learning, for sure, will tap students' potential to the fullest.

On 27th November, we had a brand new field trip called Food Globalization at Cheung Chau Island. With the assistance of Caritas Chan Chun Ha Field Studies Centre, we had a fruitful time by doing field studies and investigation in the streets and alleys.

Some other activities include two exciting teacher-student debates during lunch time, which require students to probe deeper in the motions, namely, ‘Is Lantau Vision Tomorrow a worthwhile investment?’ and ‘Talking about raising the next generation at present Hong Kong, one child only is better than more than one.’



2018年11月23日,我們一行師生二十人到樂施會教育中心,參加了一個關於Food of thoughts工作坊。希望同學能了解貧窮人士如何籌劃三餐,反思富裕非必然,要珍惜所有。




1B Lama was making a decent debate. They are our future pillars.

中一乙 Lama 同學在初中師生辯論比賽中表現出色。

5A Laiba was delievering a thoughtful, powerful answer


Mr. Raza was on fire in the Senior Student-teacher debate.


We are honoured to invite Mr. Bryant Darren Anthony from Education university of Hong Kong to be guest. 我們邀得香港教育大學的教授Prof. Darren為上賓。